Proven Tools and Expertise Ensure Success in GroupWise to Office 365 Migration

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Email migration strategies from Ross Phillips When a relatively small specialty hospital merged into a large healthcare organization, the organization faced the challenge of navigating a GroupWise to Office 365 migration. Needing to migrate 5,000 mailboxes smoothly, they turned to Messaging Architects, attracted by their reputation for fixing broken migrations. Tight Timeline and Unwieldy Mailboxes Present a Challenge Like many organizations using old email systems, the hospital had no expert on staff to ensure proper system configuration. With no one to run maintenance, primary mailboxes and personal archives had grown prohibitively large and cumbersome. To add complexity, some users owned

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7 Questions to Ask for a Successful Email Migration

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To have a successful email migration, you need to determine the technology and the budget. You also need a well thought out, detailed plan that demonstrates you’ve considered all the challenges you might face when your users encounter a new email platform. Not all migration solutions or companies are created equal. Indeed, there are many migration solutions available today and a lot of them entice clients by advertising a FREE migration service to get you onto their platform. In addition, there are also many Cloud based migration tools available. How do you choose? Should you save the company’s budget and

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Ensure Success with Pre-Migration Email Cleanup

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Email cleanup tips from Alexander Velarde Think about the last time you moved from one house to another. In anticipation of the movers, you de-cluttered with a vengeance. Clothes that no longer fit anyone? Gone. Utility bills from ten years ago? Gone. Why carry garbage to a new house? Approaching an email migration like a move to a new house makes the migration process more efficient and reduces cost. Consider a typical organization with employees who have been using the same email system for years. Focused on the business at hand, many end users use email as a convenient storage

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Understanding the Email Migration Process

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A successful email migration process explained by Steve Jones Your organization has decided to move email from one system to another. Perhaps you are upgrading from an outdated, on premises system and upgrading to Office 365. Knowing what to expect from the email migration process will help you prepare more effectively and avoid many common hiccups in the process. We have learned that there is no such thing as 100 percent migration. However, with proper preparation, clear communication and a well-defined archiving solution, you will have everything you need to achieve a smooth transition and ensure compliance with any court

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