Discover How PowerPoint Accessibility Features Engage a Broader Audience

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Including a PowerPoint presentation when delivering content engages the audience on multiple levels, increasing understanding and participation. However, audience members with visual or hearing impairments or people who speak other languages may miss critical elements. PowerPoint accessibility features help to ensure everyone can access the content. For instance, consider the scenario in which a team member shares a presentation that uses complex infographics to depict critical information. A visually impaired colleague using a screen reader may miss key points of the presentation. Keep in mind these accessibility best practices when preparing presentations, whether presenting live or sharing presentations for on

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Managing PowerPoint Slides Made Easy

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PowerPoint makes creating and updating professional presentations a breeze. Still, many users have yet to explore some of the features that simplify the process of managing PowerPoint slides. Check out the following tips to take your presentations to the next level. Slide Views Make Managing PowerPoint Slides Simple PowerPoint includes multiple view options to simplify tasks like rearranging and editing slides. To access the various views, click View on the ribbon. For instance, users can: Change slide order – While users can rearrange slides on the Normal view, the Slide Sorter view makes the task even easier. Slide Sorter shows

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