Organize Your Business with Microsoft Visio

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What is Microsoft Visio? Part of the Microsoft Office family, Visio enables users to create professional looking diagrams and charts. Launched in 1992 and acquired by Microsoft in 2000, Microsoft Visio now comes with all commercial versions of Microsoft 365. Other subscription and purchase options apply to both web app and desktop versions of the product. Visio pros and first-time users alike tap Visio to create flowcharts, organization charts, floor plans, network diagrams, UML diagrams, and mind maps. Business users find it essential for process mapping and visual collaboration. Some versions of Visio also incorporate data visualization connections to Excel

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Excel Status Bar Tips to Increase Spreadsheet Productivity

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Microsoft includes a status bar at the bottom of the window in each of its applications. While many users may not even notice the status bar, it delivers quick access to various useful Excel features. For instance, the Excel status bar gives users one-click access to frequently used calculations, multiple worksheet views, the macro recorder and more. By default, the Excel status bar shows the following, beginning in the left corner: Cell Mode – This indicates the current editing mode. For example, if a cell is in Ready or Enter modes, tapping the right arrow key will move the cursor

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How to Achieve the New Normal Office Productivity During COVID-19

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With phased business re-openings and ongoing COVID-19 social distancing, business leaders must find ways to improve financial performance to cover losses. Thus, a new normal office productivity is taking shape. Simple and effective productivity improvements implemented now aim to make a difference. In a previous post, eMazzanti Technologies (our parent company) identified several changes business leaders could adopt to increase productivity when workers return. Implementing those changes now will help you get a jump on improving performance. So, ponder these quick and affordable productivity enhancers with a couple of bold ideas thrown in: Wireless Headsets A headset frees up your

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3 Ways Office 365 Administration Boosts Security and Efficiency

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Office 365 administration tips from Andrew Soosai You already know that Office 365 for Business delivers versatile solutions for teams and individuals. Teams collaborate easily across distance. Furthermore, individuals can begin work on one device and continue seamlessly on another. Office 365 administration also offers significant benefits that make your organization more secure and productive. Consider today’s workforce. A growing number of employees work remotely at least part of the time. Hence, most use multiple devices to accomplish their work, from desktop computers to tablets, laptops and smart phones. Indeed, this complex environment requires powerful, secure solutions that are as

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