4 Best Practices for Secure Collaboration in Municipalities

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Like many other industries in recent years, the public sector has witnessed a rise in hybrid work. With team members working in multiple offices, including remotely, government agencies must take a closer look at tools, policies, and processes. The following best practices for secure collaboration in municipalities will help you find the balance between productivity and security. Challenges to Secure Collaboration in Municipalities As employees collaborate with others both inside the agency and externally, government agencies encounter several key challenges. The rise of cloud computing has made collaborating across distance vastly easier. However, at the same time, doing so securely

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Leveraging Remote Talent to Optimize IG

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For today’s post, we spoke with a Senior Business Analyst in a large bio-pharma company about leveraging remote talent to optimize IG (information governance). She functions remotely in the role of Tech Systems Owner for Quality Systems with shared IG responsibility. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare for Remote Meetings Unfortunately, remote IG team leaders, including some high-level directors often run ineffective meetings. Frequently, they show up unprepared, assuming everyone is on the same page when many participants don’t have a clue. Siloed meetings also waste hundreds of hours in duplicated effort. Preparation is the key to running effective remote meetings. Therefore, before

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Harness the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Remote Work

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In 2018, a journalist predicted that by 2020, nearly seventy-five percent of the workforce would work remotely. While the future he envisioned likely looked substantially different than our current reality, here we are. The majority of the global workforce has left the office. And forward-thinking organizations are realizing the benefits of cloud computing for remote work. Consider a typical workday for a member of a marketing team. In the course of the day, she will likely conduct video conferences with team members and external consultants. She might work with a colleague to edit a presentation for next week’s executive meeting.

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