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How to Solve COVID-19 Record Retention Issues

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In a previous post, we heard from an IG expert about Leveraging Remote Talent to Optimize IG. Today, we share her views on dealing with COVID-19 record retention issues. Her direct experience in this area includes managing document control teams in healthcare research and laboratory companies. The Paper Records Problem Regulated industries like healthcare must follow strict rules on how long to keep records and what constitutes a true copy. The FDA publishes guidance on record retention in the healthcare industry. Despite modern digital options, many companies still choose to keep paper records. Most allow workers to scan them. But,

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Finding the Email Retention Goldilocks Zone

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By Greg Smith The Email Retention Dilemma Creating an Email Retention Policy that works is tricky. Keeping too little information encourages email pack rats and puts legal teams at a disadvantage. Too much information drives up ediscovery costs while increasing potential liability. Hence, organizations seek the email retention Goldilocks zone where retention is just right. There is no doubt that much of email consists of transient records that have no value and could be deleted. The issue comes down to ensuring that users make acceptable email deletion decisions. The concern arises when the organization provides users with the ability to

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