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Messaging Architects is a leading information governance firm that specializes in effectively managing and securing an organizations most precious asset, its information. Information is the lifeblood of any business or organization and without it running the business is impossible. It’s the only critical asset that you will never find as a line item in a financial statement but without it the organization is no longer effective.


Offering information management and technology consulting since 1998, the Messaging Architects team has provided corporations, educational intuitions, health care facilities and nonprofits with methodologies, procedures and technology to keep their data organized and secure.


From records management’s newest challenge, GDPR, to traditional file cabinet-based health care information management, staying compliant in today’s marketplace is an extreme challenge. Companies understand that compliance and data integrity are key factors to sustaining their brand in the marketplace; smaller firms must abide by the same principles but have smaller resources to follow them. Messaging Architects  assists organizations, both large and small, with their brand promises while keeping their internal assets of content intelligence protected.


Unrestricted access or poorly organized data, can lead to unintended security compromises that can cost an organization time, money, and trust. Messaging Architects is prepared to not only organize and manage your data, but to consult you through these difficult regulations and security initiatives so you have a plan for all your valuable assets. In times such as these, we hear about how company’s lose millions from data breaches that could have been avoided with a proper plan in place. Data can be leaked or breached from the simplest of circumstances and having a plan in place protects both you and your firm.

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