Information Governance

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Data and Records Management Consulting

We approach managing your data with a structured and comprehensive plan that will reduce your organization’s unstructured data and risk. Through multiple steps we can identify, control, and finally position your organization to regulate and control data.


Data Compliance Monitoring

Many organizations find it extremely difficult to handle the verbose and evolving landscape of regulations and compliance. Don’t bog down your team with the heavy burden and hire one of our experts instead! With over 15 years in business, our team of consultants know exactly how to keep your compliant and fine free.



Gain visibility into your emails, file shares, voicemails and more with our premier eDiscovery tool. Connect all your unstructured data to the right place with proper storage and easy visibility to the people that need it. Approach your eDiscovery projects with optimization and peace of mind with our experts.



As of May 2018, GDPR is in effect and with that comes enhanced data privacy regulations for businesses using personal data of European residents—or face heavy fines. We can take your organization through the complicated steps of assessing and complying to these regulations with expert solutions.