Organize and Easily Access Data

Legal professionals and litigation support staff require tools that simplify their work and enhance productivity. On the other hand, security officers need to maintain control over corporate data. Unfortunately, many existing eDiscovery solutions are fragmented and require constant manual oversight.

ZyLAB offers end-to-end eDiscovery solutions that enable law firms, corporations, and governmental agencies to maintain complete control over costs and data security. With best-in-class tools that ensure efficiency at every stage from data ingestion to production, ZyLAB empowers organizations to streamline their eDiscovery processes.

User-Friendly Interface

ZyLAB provides an interface that is easy to use and navigate, even for non-technical personnel. Users can upload documents, automate production, and access the platform from multiple devices and browsers. The intuitive design ensures that all users can easily utilize the platform’s features.

Scalable and Secure

ZyLAB ONE offers clients the flexibility to deploy their eDiscovery solution as needed, with scalable, flexible, and secure deployment options available. Clients can choose from SaaS, on-premises, or secure private cloud deployment models to meet their specific needs. With ISO 27001 certification, clients can be confident that their data is always secure.

Continuous Innovation

ZyLAB ONE is continuously updated to stay ahead of the latest data science and eDiscovery trends. The platform’s functionality and performance are consistently improved, ensuring that clients have access to cutting-edge technology in their eDiscovery processes. With ZyLAB ONE, clients can stay ahead of the curve in eDiscovery.

Streamline Your eDiscovery Process!

ZyLAB provides a complete solution to streamline the eDiscovery process, from data collection to review. With the ability to collect and process data from various sources instantly, ZyLAB eliminates the challenge of finding and collecting responsive data scattered across different platforms, such as corporate mail servers, network file services, mobile phones, databases, and social media.

Whether you need to conduct an Early Case Assessment or a full document review, ZyLAB’s suite of tools can help you quickly analyze, filter, and review the data. By providing easy access to the information you need and allowing you to consume it efficiently, ZyLAB enables you to determine the best legal strategy for any case.

Self-service Documents

ZyLAB ONE enables users to produce documents in a variety of formats with ease, after minimizing or even eliminating the need for time-consuming manual work in collecting and reviewing documents.

Data Science and Visualization 

Manual document review can be a costly and time-consuming process. At ZyLAB, we offer a proven and defensible approach to expedite document review while reducing costs and improving quality. Our platform integrates machine learning with a wealth of data science R&D to provide an intuitive solution for efficient review and analysis.

Efficient Sensitive Data Identification and Redaction

Ensuring the proper collection of requested records is critical, but it is equally important to prevent the accidental release of sensitive information. With the vast amount of data to review and limited time and resources, manual review of all records can be an arduous and sometimes impossible task.

However, ZyLAB ONE offers a solution that not only automatically classifies documents based on keywords and patterns but also identifies sensitive information and redacts it as needed.

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