With Data Migration service you can greatly reduce the time and effort for a successful OneDrive or SharePoint migration and sync.

From files and documents to large scale projects, we can help you migrate from SharePoint to OneDrive or Microsoft 365 or a newer version of SharePoint. Planning is an integral step when facing a large migration to SharePoint or OneDrive and if your team doesn’t have the resources to dedicate to the move, you could face file loss and more.

Whether you’re upgrading to the Cloud, upgrading SharePoint or OneDrive or looking for a full time managed service provider, Messaging Architects will be with you every step. Data Migration can be tricky and if not done properly can lead to a business loss.

We can ensure your data moves quickly and to the exact destination you want.

Many organizations face a plethora of challenges when facing a large scale data migration, including

  • Slow transfer speeds
  • Failed transfers with limited indication and error reports
  • Unable to retain permissions, groups, and folder structure
  • Lack of central control when migrating users
  • Unsure of where and what was transferred

Benefits of Data Migration

  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Post Migration Reports
  • Zero Downtime
  • Integration to Microsoft 365
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Messaging Architects free Migration whitepaper

If you don’t know where to start with your migration, you can download our free whitepaper. It is useful to understand what a migration is and how you should approach it.