Reduce cost, time, and expense with our comprehensive eDiscovery solutions.

Electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, is the process used to collect electronic data that is used as evidence in a court case. Emails, text messages, instant messages, file shares, media posts, voicemails and any other data that can be captured and stored electronically falls under the heading of eDiscovery. Connect to all your unstructured data locations, identify relevant data, and maintain an up-to-date index of your information before any data is ever collected.

Gain visibility into your data in seconds, reduce the data sets to present to attorneys, and accelerate early case assessment. With Messaging Architects’ premier eDiscovery tool, the costs of settling a case versus the cost of discovery can be evaluated much sooner than with traditional solutions.

Our experienced, accountable consultants and project managers deliver the right resources, in the right place, at the right time for matters of any size or locale. Our team has deep industry experience with financial services, insurance, life sciences, energy, high-tech verticals, and consumer-based companies.

eDiscovery Solutions, Services and key Features Include:

  • Data collection and Forensics
  • Data Processing
  • Managed Review
  • Discovery Data Management
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