Data and Records Management – your Business Compliant and Secure

Unstructured data is often stored in 100’s of different formats. Stored in hard-to-reach systems like: Microsoft Exchange, Office or Microsoft 365, SharePoint, zip files, and more. Despite this data sprawl, organizations still have to make sure that none of these locations have any non-compliant information in them.

The constant growth of unstructured data has significant implications for organizations in terms of cost and risk.

Unstructured data is growing at the rate of 62% per year

Messaging Architects approaches Data and Records Management with a structured and comprehensive plan that will reduce your organizations risk and growth of unstructured data. The initial step is to discover personal data across your organization and protect it from unauthorized access.

By identifying and controlling personal and professional data—at rest, in motion, and in use—organizations will be uniquely positioned to control their unstructured data.

How we can help?

  • Data management and discovery
  • Identity and access governance
  • Privileged access management and threat analytics
  • Test data management and synthetic data generation:
  • API management
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