Information Requests can be Challenging

All industries are currently facing unprecedented challenges in managing their data, and state and municipal government entities are no exception. In fact, they face an additional challenge of managing an increasing number of public records requests (PRRs). Failure to manage these requests properly can result in negative consequences such as reputational harm with constituents, legal fines, and other risks.

Government operations are now receiving a growing number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Public Records Requests on a daily basis. They are also required to comply with various regulations, court mandates, and challenging deadlines while operating with limited resources.

More and more Data is consumed by Organizations

There are several compounding factors that make fulfilling FOIA and PRRs a challenging task for agencies. One such factor is the growth of agency data, which has created additional complexities.

Furthermore, the global amount of data is expected to reach 181 zettabytes by 2025, making it increasingly difficult for agencies to locate, redact, and produce relevant documents.

However, agencies can take advantage of technology solutions and implement policies and procedures to significantly improve the management and protection of their data.

Messaging Architects and IPRO can help!

By streamlining the processing, reviewing, redacting, and tracking of key facts, you can take control of your data workflows for FOIA and Public Records Requests. This can significantly reduce the time required to fulfill these requests and ensure on-time delivery.

In-place, Live Early Data Assessment (EDA)

Simplify your processes and cut down on costs by connecting before collecting. With a single view, search through all your information repositories and easily find the relevant Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in its original location. Additionally, identify sensitive data and gain early data assessment to collect only the information that you require.

Workflow all in One Place 

Effortlessly manage all your data and actions in a centralized FOIA and PRR platform. Navigate through document and conversation threads with ease, and tag documents for further review or collaboration using pre-existing tags or creating your own. Additionally, save time by bulk-tagging multiple documents at once.

Effortlessly redact or obscure sensitive information

Minimize errors and optimize efficiency by automatically redacting sensitive data, allowing only pertinent information to remain visible. Using keywords, patterns, or concept search, easily redact sensitive information.

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