GroupWise Migration to Microsoft 365 or any other Platform made easy with our experts.

The migration from GroupWise to Microsoft 365 (former Office 365), Exchange, Gmail or any other platform can be tricky for any company without a reliable migration service to rely on.

GroupWise, whether you love it or hate it, has been providing organizations with collaborative messaging services for over 30 years. While many organizations have chosen to move away from the platform and migrate to other technologies such as: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Gmail, there are still a substantial number of organizations still running GroupWise.

At Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Company, we have a long history of GroupWise support with over 50 combined years of support and consulting around the platform. As GroupWise experts, we are in the perfect position to assist you, whether you’re looking to stay with GroupWise or migrate your business to a new platform. Reach out to us today, we will listen and work with you to determine what we can do to perfect your business processes.

GroupWise Migration Benefits

  • Eliminate bloated servers
  • Zero Impact
  • Reduced Risk
  • Personal Email Archive Support
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“After learning that Messaging Architects provides a solution that migrates data behind the scenes, allowing for data integrity checks, high-fidelity capture of personal archives, minimal end-user disruption, and the possibility of extending the system into a full-blown enterprise email archiving solution post-migration, the hospital chose Messaging Architects to complete its email migration which helped save both time and money for the entire migration project overall.”

Susan Whittle – CEO Whittle INC

Looking for Step by Step guidance?

Thinking about migrating to Exchange, Microsoft 365 or Gmail?

Download our Migration toolkit to put into perspective the tasks that should be considered when contemplating a migration.

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