Seamlessly migrate or import hard to manage PST files

PST file management is a necessity to most organizations, but many organizations don’t have the resources or are challenged by the many complicated tasks in managing PST data. While creating new PST files may be a quick fix to some of your email archival problems, ultimately the risk of compliance, security, and data leaks happen too frequently for this data to continue to go unmanaged.

At Messaging Architects, we work with you to reduce these vulnerabilities all while we keep you compliant, minimize impact on your users, and more. We can quickly migrate the data to Office 365, Exchange, or a legacy data archival program and we can do it all without interrupting your users from their everyday tasks.

Benefits of PST Management

  • Data Cleanup & Processing
  • Eliminate Security Risks
  • Reduce Licensing Costs
  • Simplify eDiscovery
  • Stay Compliant
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Messaging Architects free Migration whitepaper

If you don’t know where to start with your migration, you can download our free whitepaper. It is useful to understand what a migration is and how you should approach it.