For years, GroupWise set the standard for enterprise email systems. But new technologies have taken the stage, providing exceptional functionality and flexibility. Organizations now face the challenge of migrating thousands of mailboxes and archives. The right GroupWise migration tool, backed by proven expertise, makes that daunting task not only possible, but painless.

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

Organizations that migrate to a cloud solution such as Microsoft 365 realize numerous benefits, such as the following:

  • Increased storage – Server bloat poses a significant issue for GroupWise users. The average user receives over 100 emails each day. Over time, this places a heavy burden on local servers not designed to handle the load, resulting in random crashes and corrupted mailboxes. Microsoft 365 comes to the rescue with generous cloud storage.
  • Easy remote access – When both data and applications live in the cloud, employees can access email anywhere and anytime. With the majority of office employees working from home at least part-time, remote access proves essential.
  • Scalability – With a cloud system, organizations pay for only what they need right now. As needs change, they can add users or storage with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Improved data compliance and eDiscovery – Due to the nature of GroupWise personal archives, critical data may remain hidden and unregulated. This can cause significant issues for compliance and eDiscovery. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 simplifies archiving and provides built-in tools for eDiscovery and compliance.
  • Reduced burden on IT – Cloud services providers maintain both the software and the servers, greatly reducing the IT workload. This frees in-house IT staff, allowing them to focus on projects more directly related to strategic business goals.

GroupWise Migration Tool

GroupWise Migration Challenges

Despite the benefits, migrating from GroupWise presents significant challenges, particularly for organizations that have used the platform for many years. Large mailboxes, poorly configured systems and tight timelines add layers of complexity.

For example, a common hurdle involves GroupWise personal archives. Consider that GroupWise archives were designed when the average hard drive held 20 MB. With modern mailboxes holding many GB of data, old designs can no longer keep up.

Additionally, with GroupWise, individual users can create multiple personal archives and store them anywhere. These individually-encrypted databases rarely see maintenance. Consequently, finding and processing the archives proves extremely difficult.

Finally, many email migrations involve disruptions to the work atmosphere for weeks. End users may lose access to email for a period of time. Or they may arrive at work after Go Live, only to realize that crucial data has disappeared during the migration process. The ideal migration solution will minimize disruptions and ensure data remains safe and accessible.

Migration Options

Migration options are limited. While using an off-the-shelf GroupWise migration tool may work for moving a handful of mailboxes to the cloud, DIY migration opens the door for a host of costly problems. Manual migration requires a sophisticated knowledge of scripts, as well as in-depth technical understanding of both GroupWise and the new platform.

On the other hand, partnering with a migration expert brings organizations the benefit of both deep technical knowledge and rich experience. A GroupWise migration professional has the tools and understanding to anticipate and solve potential roadblocks. And they can accomplish a smooth migration with limited disruption to the organization.

GroupWise Migration Tool

Ensure Success with GroupWise Migration Tool and Proven Expertise

The email migration experts at Messaging Architects bring decades of experience with GroupWise and Microsoft 365/Exchange. These former GroupWise engineers draw on their comprehensive knowledge of both source and target systems, including all processes involved in the access and delivery of data services.

They will start with a thorough analysis of your system to establish a clear picture of the migration process and solutions to any potential challenges. This includes those unwieldy personal email archives. Then, using processes and tools proven over hundreds of GroupWise migrations, they will accomplish the migration behind the scenes.

Experienced project managers focus on communication, from initial system review to project wrap-up. And expert consultants help you to determine system configuration to deliver optimum performance. With Messaging Architects, organizations can expect consistency throughout the migration experience, facilitating a smooth transition to the new system.

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