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GroupWise, whether you love it or hate it, has been providing organizations with collaborative messaging services for over 30 years. While many organizations have chosen to move away from the platform and migrate to other technologies such as: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Gmail, there are still a substantial number of organizations still running GroupWise.

GroupWise to Office 365 Migration

The migration from GroupWise to Microsoft 365, Exchange, Gmail or any other platform can be tricky for any company without a reliable migration resource to rely on

Organizations have few options, some vendors offer DIY migration
tools, but these require a high-level knowledge of scripts and substantial technical knowledge of both
GroupWise and the target system. Most organizations find it more effective to partner with a GroupWise
migration services expert.

Watch this brief video to understand how a Data and eMail Migration work:

For many organizations, a key deterrent to email migration involves work disruption.

Employees use email as a primary communication method, and they depend on their email system to run smoothly. Thus, when a migration process interrupts daily work for weeks on end, it can significantly impact productivity and employee morale. And, if anything goes wrong, a failed email migration can be expensive, as costs from lost data and interrupted productivity add up.

A failed email migration can be expensive, as costs from lost data and interrupted productivity add up!

Extensive preparation and effective communication mean no nasty surprises. Messaging Architects consultants begin with a system review to highlight potential risks. With Messaging Architects, however, most of the work happens behind the scenes. End users conduct their work as normal throughout the process, with minimal to no disruption

To ensure success, consultants first run a test migration with a pilot group to identify and address any problems. 

Working with the customer, they then outline a process, complete with contingency planning. 

Clear communication throughout ensures users know what to expect at each point along the way. 

At Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Company, we have a long history of GroupWise support with over 50 combined years of support and consulting around the platform. 

As GroupWise experts, we are in the perfect position to assist you, whether you’re looking to stay with GroupWise or migrate your business to a new platform. Reach out to us today, we will listen and work with you to determine what we can do to perfect your business processes.

Our consultants bring decades of experience supporting GroupWise and conducting
GroupWise migrations. With tools proven over hundreds of successful migrations, they can resolve
issues with fragmented personal archives, duplicate emails and other migration challenges.

Messaging Architects has been providing professional consulting services around unstructured data and information governance for over 12 years