While Microsoft and Google roughly split the office suite marketplace, a growing trend shows Google users migrating to Microsoft. Organizations considering migration should carefully consider specific business requirements. But understanding some primary reasons companies switch to Office 365 from Google Workspace offers a good starting point.

For example, Microsoft often proves advantageous for larger organizations with complex needs. Likewise, rapidly growing businesses require a productivity suite that can grow right along with the company. Familiarity also plays a key role. This makes Microsoft the clear choice for organizations that cater to a user base already familiar with Microsoft applications.

Consider the following compelling arguments for switching to Office 365.

Powerful Security and Compliance Features

In an increasingly dangerous digital world, companies cannot afford to minimize the importance of cyber security. Regulatory compliance also factors significantly into the choice of tools, particularly for organizations in highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare.

Office 365 offers enhanced security features, including unified security across all applications, data, and endpoints. For instance, Microsoft delivers a wider range of multi-factor authentication (MFA) options than Google, as well as advanced threat protection and cloud-native data loss prevention (DLP).

In addition to enhanced security, Office 365 gives companies a range of industry-specific compliance tools. A key element of its compliance offerings involves Microsoft Purview, a unified platform delivering visibility into data across the organization. With Purview, companies can classify sensitive information and manage it throughout its lifecycle, wherever it lives.

Reasons Why Companies Switch to Office 365 from Google Workspace

Desktop Applications Provide Necessary Flexibility

Tools like Google that operate primarily online leave workers scrambling when they do not have internet access. While Google Workspace does offer limited offline access for Gmail and some functions in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, editing capabilities can be limited offline.

On the other hand, workers using Office 365 move seamlessly among web-based, desktop, and mobile versions of the apps. Online and desktop versions of the apps both offer full functionality. For instance, a sales representative can easily create or edit a PowerPoint presentation with no limitations while in the airplane en route to a client meeting.

Enhanced Scalability and Integration

Office 365 provides a wide range of plans with varying features and storage limits. This makes it a good fit for large organizations or growing companies. Additionally, Microsoft enables companies to optimize spending by mixing and matching licenses. For example, businesses can purchase different types of licenses for different users, depending on roles and responsibilities.

Companies must also consider their integration needs. By integrating tightly with other products in the Microsoft ecosystem, such as Power BI and SharePoint, Office 365 users benefit from enhanced collaboration and insights. For instance, using customized reports and workflows from Power BI, businesses can improve efficiency and enhance security.

Reasons Why Companies Switch to Office 365 from Google Workspace

Factors to Consider as Companies Switch to Office 365 from Google Workspace

If you determine that the right business course involves migrating to Office 365, keep in mind that a successful migration requires careful planning. It will involve migrating files, emails, calendars, security settings, and more. While challenging, this process provides a perfect opportunity to jump start information governance while improving productivity and security.

Partnering with the migration consultants at Messaging Architects gives you access to powerful tools and expertise gained from hundreds of successful Office 365 migrations. Our technicians will work with your in-house team to carefully assess your current environment and determine the most effective migration plan.

They will also provide guidance on the best licensing strategy, assist you with creating and automating policies, and help you optimize security controls. For instance, migration may be the perfect time to implement stronger MFA or a zero-trust security strategy. Whatever your company’s compelling reason for migrating to Office 365, Messaging Architects can help.

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