IT Manager Email Migration Whitepaper

The 7 Questions Every IT Manager Should Ask To Complete a Successful Email Migration

When considering an email migration for your organization, you not only need to determine the technology and the budget, but you also need to be prepared with a well thought out, detailed plan that demonstrates you’ve considered all the challenges you might face when your users will encounter a new email platform.

At Messaging Architects we have over 50 collective years of experience in email migrations from legacy Novell Groupwise platforms to Exchange, Gmail and now Office 365. Our job as your migration expert is to help you determine what you need to know to make sure you migration is completed on time, on budget and without disruption.

Download our 7 Question Guide that will help you qualify any outside vendor who will be your partner in the migration process. At Messaging Architects we are here to assist you in the planning, execution and follow on support that will be needed for any migration to be a success. With over 2 million mailboxes migrated, we have the experience and know how to make your migration flawless.

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