7 Best Practices to Protect Your Phone from Hackers

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The phone in your pocket can prove both one of your biggest assets and one of your biggest liabilities. Think of the worlds a thief can enter through your mobile phone. They can access your finances, your precise location, your contacts, sensitive business and health documents, and much more. The following tips will help you protect your phone from hackers. Hackers can access your phone directly or through iCloud. Or, using minimal, easily discovered, personal information, they can monitor your communications and location or even hijack your phone. By using a combination of technology and common sense, users can keep

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4 Tips for Sharing Bandwidth During a Pandemic or Anytime

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You jump on an important video conference with your team, but the video feed freezes. Frustrated, you look around your house, only to find your son playing Call of Duty online and your daughter video chatting with her friends. Upstairs, your husband uploads a lecture for his students. Pause. Take a deep breath. And check out some tips for sharing bandwidth. Bandwidth Basics At work, hundreds of employees use the internet simultaneously without any perceivable impact on performance. At home, however, a handful of family members sharing bandwidth can bring the system to a crawl. Home networks simply cannot handle

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Control Mobile Data: Information Governance Essential

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Information governance to control mobile data and reduce the associated costs of eDiscovery becomes essential. One of the biggest and costliest issues facing organizations under legal litigation is the ability to accurately provide electronic records as evidence when requested by the courts in eDiscovery. Organizations either have no idea what email or electronic document data exists in their systems and employee devices or where that data may reside. The Challenge of Mobile Data In today’s global communications environment, electronic messages can circumnavigate the globe in seconds. Messages can exist on cellular telephones, PDA’s, laptops, home computers and backup tapes. And

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Safeguard Vital Assets with Mobile Workforce Security

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Mobile workforce security demands our attention. With a myriad of advantages for both employees and the companies they work for, it should come as no surprise that forecasters predict that by 2023, mobile workers will account for over 43 percent of the global workforce. Employees gain the flexibility of working from anywhere at any time. Businesses also benefit from increased productivity and decreased response times. At the same time, the mobile environment opens the door for increasing cyber-attacks. For instance, a hacker who gains access to an employee phone can potentially reach sensitive data inside the enterprise network. Organizations therefore

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