Legacy archiving systems approaching end-of-life or that no longer provide modern functionality challenge many organizations. Eventually, the drawbacks of a legacy archiving solution will overshadow the benefits to the business. A modern solution, eGovernance Cloud from Messaging Architects, offers connected, scalable, cost efficient and secure archiving.


Working from the cloud allows connected users to work anytime from anywhere. With more and more staff working remotely, easy access to the tools and information needed for individuals and organizations to perform their assigned roles becomes critical.

The Cloud removes the pain arising from lack of access and inadequate distribution by allowing for shared files, real time updates and easy information flow. With your data hosted in the cloud, you’ll accelerate projects, improve decision making and deliver better customer service.

eGovernance Cloud is Azure Hosted

  • Full Microsoft security around Azure
  • Regionalized deployments if required (U.S. only at this point)
  • Multi-hosted archive system
  • Redundant virtualized server resources


Working from the Cloud provides scalability at a moment’s notice. Should the amount of data in discovery, processing or storage increase, the Cloud automatically adjusts to support it quickly and easily.

Acquire a new company or downsize an old division? Cloud storage scales on demand, meeting your needs the moment they appear.

Secure Archiving

Cost Efficient

Locating data in the cloud maximizes all your IT dollars. The Cloud provides affordable storage and saves on balance sheet headaches and capital purchases. Forget about buying equipment and building out and operating a data center or computer closet.

You’ll enjoy a significant savings on hardware, facilities, utilities and other expenses required by traditional computing. Likewise, the purchase of multiple software licenses and onsite servers goes away. Therefore, moving to the cloud trims your IT budget in exciting ways.

eGovernance Cloud is eCare Supported

  • All servers monitored by eMazzanti Network Operations Center
  • Standard system alerts plus application alerts
  • 24X7 Monitoring and management of systems
  • Daily data physical backups
  • Automated patch management
  • Automated server refreshes

Secure Archiving

Moving to the Cloud often raises security concerns. Many believe that since the Cloud is accessible and inherently tied to the internet, it is more vulnerable to cyber-attack. However, all modern IT systems invariably connect to the Internet.

Hence, whether your systems reside on premise or in the cloud, the degree of vulnerability remains the same. The cloud might even be less vulnerable, given empty office situations and updates that cause down time.

Cloud computing operates as a distributed network. Without a high concentration of data in one place, recovery from an attack happens quickly and easily.

eGovernance Cloud is Fully Managed

  • Managed by qualified application administrators
  • Zero risk of misconfiguration
  • Elimination of privilege user caused data loss (compliance)
  • Audited and authorized change control
  • Ongoing review and pre-emptive remediation of issues

Secure Archiving


Hosting systems and storing documents on the cloud provides for an intelligent approach to disaster recovery. Man-made and natural disasters tend to damage equipment, shut off power, and incapacitate critical IT functions.

With today’s remote workforce, many hardware-centric IT department personnel can’t gain physical access to on-premises systems. That may show up as a security risk if staff are prevented from actively or remotely patching and updating the technology. With your data in the Cloud, you’ll enjoy redundancy and accessibility no matter what, should a disaster happen.

eGovernance Cloud is Secure and Recoverable

  • Secured Azure environment with physical SOC2 compliance and encryption of all data at rest and in transit
  • Data integrity with full hardware redundancy and data backups
  • Fully administered (systems and application), reducing IT management overhead, costs and potential misconfiguration
  • Data secured from accidental or malicious destruction or alteration by all parties, including privileged users without formal requests and controls
  • Available 24X7 from any location or from restricted locations with a 99.9% sustained uptime

Affordable eGovernance Cloud Archiving

With a low monthly fee, eGovernance Cloud compares in cost to Microsoft Archiving but works much faster. It requires no administration, resulting in reduced IT overhead. Redundant storage and backup protect against disaster outages and data loss.

A flexible tool, eGovernance Cloud supports multiple and varied data sources, both cloud and local. Its quick search capabilities save expensive user and resource time. And, its efficient open architecture allows for quick and easy export or migration of archived data.

At Messaging Architects, we believe the CUSTOMER owns the data. Therefore, we have no restrictions on the export of data. In fact, we provide easy and economical options for exporting of data to industry standard formats or for migration directly to other solutions such as Microsoft 365.

We’re seeing a new normal for IT departments, archiving and compliance. Thus, the information governance experts at Messaging Architects stand ready to address your archiving questions and concerns relating to the new and varied challenges you face.

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Keep your data secure and compliant

eGovernance is a Cloud based solution for preserving, discovering and accessing digital data within your email and document storage systems for compliance, audit, security, eDiscovery and warehousing of critical or older data.