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Improve Security and Compliance by Migrating PST Files

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Once upon a time, all major email systems used “personal storage tables,” commonly known as PST files. In fact, many organizations still use them to back up or archive email data. However, that practice no longer makes sense in today’s compliance-conscious and security-focused environment. Instead, consider migrating PST files to Office 365 or other centrally managed archival solution. Why Organizations Should Eliminate PST Files PST files once performed a vital function. Twenty years ago, network connections proved unreliable and slow, and online storage cost a great deal. With PST files, users could store email locally. Thus, even if the network

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Pain free Legacy Archive Migrations

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In the early 2000s, spurred by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, companies turned their focus to email archiving. On-premises archiving solutions such as EMC SourceOne and Enterprise Vault dominated the scene until 2010. Now, as many of these systems reach end of life, companies must navigate legacy archive migrations or risk losing critical information. Explore the Options Organizations with legacy archive systems must make a choice. These solutions no longer provide necessary functionality. At the same time, regulatory compliance demands email retention, leaving companies with limited options for addressing data in legacy systems. One option involves migrating the entire email archive to

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