Making the switch from GroupWise to Office 365 can sound like a daunting task. However, powerful collaboration and mobility features, in addition to flexible migration solutions, make the choice to upgrade much easier. Explore the document management benefits of Office 365 and discover how migrating to the cloud can boost your business.

1. Full-featured Collaboration

Office 365 offers multiple levels of collaboration. To begin with, each user license includes 1 TB of OneDrive file storage for individual use and limited sharing. For instance, an employee may wish to share an early draft of a document with one or two team members. With OneDrive, the employee retains full control over who can edit a document and what level of access they have.

On the other hand, with SharePoint, work groups create team sites that provide space for advanced collaboration. Multiple users can easily collaborate on a single document, with changes appearing in real time. Embedded calendars, task lists and custom workflows allow team leaders to view status updates and manage projects.

Document Management Benefits of Office365

2. Mobile Workforce Support

Office 365 offers all the advantages of the cloud for today’s mobile workforce. A single license allows individual users to load Office on up to five devices. In addition, users can work with their documents from any location with internet access. And any changes they make to a document offline sync automatically when they return to the cloud.

That means that you can work on the same document from any location. For example, you can open a file on your office PC and continue edits from your tablet on the subway. Once home, you can make additional changes from the comfort of your living room sofa. All the while, you can collaborate via video and instant message with team members anywhere in the world.

3. Expands to Keep Pace with Business Growth

Office 365 grows as your business grows. With its monthly subscription model, you can add or remove licenses or data storage as needed in just a few clicks of the mouse. And because you operate in the cloud, additional users and increased storage no longer mean more servers to purchase and configure.

Groupwise Migration

4. Built-in Tools for Regulatory Compliance

In addition to collaboration, mobility and scalability, one of the significant benefits of Office 365 involves tools to facilitate compliance. For instance, SharePoint enables encryption in transit and at rest and supports a detailed audit trail. Administrators can define access controls and also automate document retention and deletion policies.

In the event of litigation, SharePoint’s robust search engine aids with eDiscovery. For example, you could search for documents authored by someone named Susan that contain the phrase “Evergreen Computing” and were modified between August and October of 2017. You can also configure the search to rank results by user permissions and other criteria.

Experience the Benefits of Office 365 with GroupWise Migration Services

Migrating thousands of documents from GroupWise to Office 365 requires careful planning. Messaging Architects has the tools and expertise you need to migrate your documents safely and securely, with zero downtime.

Once you begin working in the cloud, we will help you capitalize on the benefits of Office 365. From records management to security monitoring, data compliance and eDiscovery, we have you covered.

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