Discovery costs can eat up nearly 50 percent of the total cost of litigation. That can mean millions of dollars each year to identify, preserve, collect, process, review, analyze and produce relevant information. Fortunately, eDiscovery case management solutions can drastically reduce the time and cost involved.

eDiscovery case management solutions help legal teams manage the entire eDiscovery process. But not all legal technology solutions are created equal. When choosing a solution, look for one that meets your company’s specific needs and emphasizes usability. For instance, a solution that uses AI to streamline workflows and automate tasks will save substantial time and cost.

Additionally, a competitive eDiscovery case management solution will simplify custodian management and provide comprehensive search and analysis. And it will offer the ability to scale functionality and cost to match the specific business environment and available budget.

Emphasize Usability

A user-friendly interface increases user adoption and streamlines the case management process. Ideally, the case management solution will allow legal teams to perform all steps of the eDiscovery process, from data collection and processing to review and production, within a single platform.

Additionally, advanced tools and features save time and increase accuracy by automating tasks. Helpful tools include artificial intelligence (AI), predictive coding, data visualization, redaction, and reporting. A solution that requires users to switch between different applications will prove cumbersome and inefficient.

eDiscovery Case Management Solutions

Streamline Custodian Management

A key feature of eDiscovery case management involves managing custodians. Custodians include a range of entities that have information relevant to the case, from employers to contractors or third parties. Custodian data can live in mailboxes, sites, teams, and many other locations across the organization and in multiple platforms.

The case management solution should make it easy to search for custodians throughout the organization, assign them to matters and track their status. Automated legal holds should include tracking the delivery and acknowledgement of hold notices, sending reminders when needed. And the system should provide a centralized, big picture view of custodian data.

Superior Search and Review Capabilities

With advanced search capabilities, the case management solution streamlines the process of finding relevant content across the organization. Superior analytics then separate relevant information from duplicate or unrelated information, reducing the amount of data that requires review.

The legal team should have the ability to perform not only keyword and Boolean searches, but also proximity searches, concept searches, metadata searches and more. It must have the ability to search across a wide range of data sources and data types.

Analytics features like charts, timelines and other visualizations enable the team to explore patterns, relationships, and anomalies in the data. By uncovering patterns and anomalies, counsel can gain early insights into what the data holds and then make strategic decisions accordingly. This early case assessment delivers significant time and cost savings.

Scalability and Cost to Meet Business Needs

Legal cases cover a wide range of situations, and the case management solution must be able to handle any size case or complexity of data. This includes everything from small cases to large-scale investigations with hundreds or even thousands of custodians. The data may include multiple languages and jurisdictions, social media, mobile devices, and encrypted files.

Likewise, organizations need a case management solution designed to work within budgetary restraints. Flexible pricing options and plans allow organizations to customize a solution to fit their needs, without hidden fees.

eDiscovery Case Management Solutions

eGovernance Case Management Solutions Empower Legal Teams

eGovernance offers flexible, feature-rich case management solutions. One or more case managers can be assigned to manage all incoming cases. They can select custodians, assign additional auditors and reviewers, define search constraints, search, and export content, all without requiring IT involvement.

An easy-to-use, web-based interface makes searching simple. Users can run complex searches in seconds and then make onscreen comparisons of various search parameter results. eGovernance delivers more than a three-fold increase in performance over similar Microsoft 365 searches.

eGovernance Case Management provides a unified tool to manage cases from start to finish. It improves collaboration, leveraging advanced search and analytics capabilities to help the legal team build a solid strategy quickly and efficiently.

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