GoDaddy has made its name as the place to go to register a domain. And once they sell a domain, they immediately offer additional services. However, businesses that purchase Office 365 accounts through GoDaddy soon discover the limits of the GoDaddy platform. Migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 solves the problem, but the process can prove complicated.

Office 365 through GoDaddy: Maybe Not a Good Idea

GoDaddy bills its relationship with Microsoft as a “strategic partnership.” However, once customers look underneath the hood, they quickly realize that Office 365 through GoDaddy has significant limitations. Designed to appeal to small businesses, the GoDaddy platform makes expansion beyond a handful of users challenging.

To begin with, the version of Office 365 that users get through GoDaddy comes with reduced functionality. For instance, it does not include Microsoft Dynamics, Power BI or Power Platform. Furthermore, users cannot customize their solution by adding on more than the basic Microsoft applications.

Next, while GoDaddy hooks its customers with attractively low initial prices, the renewal cost brings a nasty surprise. For instance, customers that purchase the Business Professional version find that the price nearly doubles after the first year.

GoDaddy customers find additional hurdles when they run into technical issues. Instead of working directly with experienced Microsoft technicians, customers must go through GoDaddy support. And if they want the protection of advanced email security and archiving, they must pay additional monthly fees.

GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

The Solution? Migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

As customers begin to battle the limitations of the GoDaddy platform, they find their options more challenging than expected. Switching a license from GoDaddy to Microsoft is not a straightforward process. Instead, organizations need to run a full Microsoft 365 migration.

Migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 delivers key benefits. For instance, migration opens the door for customization and growth. Organizations can add users and download tools easily, with direct access to the admin control panel from day one. And they can rest easy with competent technical support and no surprise cost jumps.

Still, the migration process can prove challenging, and GoDaddy support often complicates the process. Organizations should plan carefully to safeguard data and access during the migration process.

Start with Detailed Preparation

One key to a successful Microsoft 365 migration involves thorough preparation. Whether migrating from a legacy system or from GoDaddy, customers first need to compile a detailed map of the items to migrate. This includes mailboxes, contacts, calendars, and archives. It also includes all security and access settings.

In the process of creating a map of the existing environment, organizations should take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. While keeping in mind any compliance considerations, get rid of any duplicate, trivial or outdated data and users.

After completing a detailed analysis of the GoDaddy system, map out the new system. Determine what data and users to transfer and how the target system will look.

Factors to Consider

When migrating from GoDaddy, organizations need to be aware of unique considerations. Specifically, GoDaddy migrations involve transferring the domain. And once organizations transfer the domain away from GoDaddy, they lose access to user accounts and data. To solve this problem, they need to create a custom domain to assign to GoDaddy for the short term.

GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

Migration Experts Ensure Successful Migration with Proven Tools and Process

Every migration involves risk. And no one wants to see a scenario in which users arrive on Monday morning to find themselves locked out of email. Partnering with migration experts with migration best practices can mean the difference between a successful migration and a costly failure.

The migration experts at Messaging Architects have completed hundreds of successful migrations. They bring proven tools and extensive expertise migrating customers from GoDaddy and other platforms to Microsoft 365. From initial planning to cutover and post-migration customization, they deliver proven solutions that ensure success.

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