Last year, Quest announced that it would end support for its on premise GroupWise migration solution as of August 2021. Quest joins a host of vendors that have trimmed GroupWise migration services in recent years. But thousands of customers continue to use the product. And those looking to migrate to other platforms, including Exchange and Microsoft 365, need competent migration services.

Unique Challenges Complicate Migration Process

GroupWise set the standard for corporate email for many years. However, newer technologies emerged, and many GroupWise customers made the decision to migrate. Cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 deliver key benefits, such as increased storage, remote access and scalability. The migration process can prove complicated, however.

For instance, many customers have used GroupWise for decades. Over the years, and without regular maintenance, mailboxes grow large and unwieldy, resulting in bloated servers. Outdated and duplicate emails contribute to create mailboxes far too large to transfer easily.

Another challenge unique to GroupWise involves personal archives. Individual users can create multiple archives and store them wherever they want. Consequently, archives rarely see maintenance. And when it comes time to migrate, it can prove difficult to find and process archives for hundreds of users.

GroupWise Migration Services

Deep Experience with Source and Target Systems

Organizations looking to migrate from GroupWise have a few options. Some vendors offer DIY migration tools, but these require a high-level knowledge of scripts and substantial technical knowledge of both GroupWise and the target system. Most organizations find it more effective to partner with a GroupWise migration services expert.

Messaging Architects consultants bring decades of experience supporting GroupWise and conducting GroupWise migrations. With tools proven over hundreds of successful migrations, they can resolve issues with fragmented personal archives, duplicate emails and other migration challenges.

Additionally, the Messaging Architects team also draw on their deep expertise with Microsoft 365. Consequently, they are positioned to guide organizations through fine-tuning the system settings for optimal performance. They can also help users plan for and navigate the differences between GroupWise and Microsoft 365.

Behind-the-Scenes Migration Delivers Positive User Experience

For many organizations, a key deterrent to email migration involves work disruption. Employees use email as a primary communication method, and they depend on their email system to run smoothly. Thus, when a migration process interrupts daily work for weeks on end, it can significantly impact productivity and employee morale.

With Messaging Architects, however, most of the work happens behind the scenes. End users conduct their work as normal throughout the process, with minimal to no disruption. To ensure success, consultants first run a test migration with a pilot group to identify and address any problems.

Extensive preparation and effective communication mean no nasty surprises. Messaging Architects consultants begin with a system review to highlight potential risks. Working with the customer, they then outline a process, complete with contingency planning. Clear communication throughout ensures users know what to expect at each point along the way.

GroupWise Migration Services

Unparalleled Success Rate with GroupWise Migration Services

A failed email migration can prove expensive, as costs from lost data and interrupted productivity add up. Fortunately, Messaging Architects has completed hundreds of GroupWise migrations with a success rate of 100 percent. The streamlined process saves time and money, and a smooth transition increases end user satisfaction.

Whether you plan to continue with GroupWise or migrate to a new platform, Messaging Architects can assist you. And for customers who migrate to Microsoft 365, our consultants can help you get the most out of the new system. Call us today or download our Microsoft 365 migration toolkit to explore the possibilities.

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