Organizations seeking a successful and on-time GroupWise to Office 365 migration urged to download free email migration guide from email experts

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (Cision) September 26, 2019 — Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies Company and GroupWise to Office 365 migration services provider, is offering a free email migration guide to organizations considering migrating to Exchange or Office 365 from any platform. The free download helps organizations put into perspective the tasks that should be considered when contemplating a migration.

Interested parties may access the email migration guide here.

“After learning that Messaging Architects provides a solution that migrates data behind the scenes, allowing for data integrity checks, capture of personal archives, minimal end-user disruption, and the possibility of extending into a full-blown enterprise email archiving solution, the hospital chose Messaging Architects to complete its email migration,” related one satisfied hospital IT administrator. “That helped save both time and money for the migration project overall.”

“With expert guidance, careful preparation and contingency planning, any migration can be completed successfully and on time,” added Ross Phillips, Solutions Architect and Implementation Consultant at Messaging Architects.

Migration from GroupWise to Office 365 Made Easy

GroupWise has been providing organizations with collaborative messaging services for over 30 years. The migration from GroupWise to Office 365, Exchange, Gmail or other platforms can be tricky for organizations without the assistance of a reliable migration service.

Messaging Architects has a long history of GroupWise experience. The staff has completed over 50 combined years of support and consulting around the platform. As GroupWise experts, they are in an excellent position to assist organizations, whether looking to stay with GroupWise or migrate to a new platform.

Email migration experts cite several benefits of migrating from GroupWise to Office 365 or another platform. These include eliminating bloated servers, zero impact during the migration, reduced risk and support for personal email archives.

GroupWise to Office 365 Migration Experts

Messaging Architects has completed hundreds of GroupWise to Office 365 migration projects over the past decade. These enjoy a 100 percent success rate. The combination of tried and true tools and deep expertise in both GroupWise and Office 365 ensures smooth transitions.

Organizations with concerns about messy migrations to Office 365 can rely on the experts at Messaging Architects. They help administrators work through even the most complex email migration issues. In addition, they assist in defining organization ePolicies and a system configuration that will ensure ongoing success.

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