Information governance ensures that data remains both accessible and secure. It aids regulatory compliance and drives both productivity and decision making. But designing and implementing a comprehensive governance strategy requires careful planning and the right tools. Information governance consulting services streamline the process.

A successful information governance strategy covers all your organizational data and includes several key components, such as:

  • Data classification and storage
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Information security and access controls
  • eDiscovery management

The data experts at Messaging Architects have helped hundreds of organizations harness the power of their data. With enterprise-grade tools and extensive information governance expertise, they will help you gain visibility into and control over critical data assets.

Data and Records Management

Effective data management begins with gaining visibility into data across the organization, then classifying that data. With data properly classified, organizations can then govern the data lifecycle, ensure proper handling of sensitive or regulated data, and optimize data value.

Messaging Architects consultants will begin with a comprehensive data audit. The audit provides visibility into data both on premises and in the cloud. This includes where the data lives, who owns it and whether it contains sensitive or forbidden content. The audit also looks at existing information policies and identifies redundant, obsolete, or trivial data (ROT).

With a picture of the data in place, our consultants will help you organize data for efficient access. This includes cleaning up ROT by removing or archiving redundant or irrelevant data, keeping within regulatory constraints. eGovernance Archiving delivers fully managed, policy-driven solution to manage data lifecycle and ensure both proper retention and efficient access.

Additionally, sophisticated tools use AI to simplify data classification. Automation allows organizations to manage the process of detecting and classifying sensitive data at scale.

Information Governance Consulting Services

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Effective records management, including data classification and policy-driven archiving, constitutes a critical first step in achieving regulatory compliance. Additionally, organizations must ensure appropriate access rights and permissions and implement necessary security measures. Proactive compliance monitoring alerts data stewards to potential compliance risks.

Intelligent compliance solutions from Messaging Architects allow the organization to simultaneously address monitoring mandates from a wide range of regulations. Monitoring tools connect to all data storage locations, both in the cloud and on premises, providing visibility through a single console.

Customizable alerts ensure that data stewards receive timely notification of possible compliance issues. They can then act immediately from anywhere to correct the situation. Additionally, the organization can automate remediation actions. Powerful search capabilities simplify the process of conducting internal investigations at a granular level.

Data Access and Security

Data access and security form an integral part of information governance and regulatory compliance. Organizations must ensure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time. And they need to keep that data safe from cyber dangers that could compromise the organization.

Messaging Architects will conduct a cyber security review to identify potential risks. They also assist companies with fine tuning identity governance and privileged access. And they will help you to optimize security controls to protect sensitive company and customer data.


Litigation, FOIA requests and internal audits can prove daunting without comprehensive information governance and effective eDiscovery tools. And failure to respond to such requests in a timely manner can result in fines, reputational harm and less than desirable legal outcomes.

Messaging Architects uses a unique approach that centralizes eDiscovery and allows organizations to leave their data safely in place for most requests. The legal team can track discovery tasks, select custodians, and search constraints, assign additional reviewers, search and export content, all without the involvement of IT.

The web-based interface simplifies complex searches, while returning search results in a matter of seconds. And a full chain of custody and audit trail on each message and document ensures a defensible eDiscovery process. Additional features provide the ability to easily redact sensitive information, define role-based access and more.

Information Governance Consulting Services

Explore the Benefits of Information Governance Consulting Services

Successful information governance begins with a single step and builds one piece at a time. With information governance consulting services from Messaging Architects, your company gains access to decades of experience and cutting-edge tools. Our fully managed solutions streamline records management and data security, simplify regulatory compliance and remove the pain from eDiscovery.

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