Whether managing complex litigation, responding to public records requests, or ensuring regulatory compliance, legal professionals need to efficiently process large volumes of data. And with data scattered across numerous formats and platforms, legal teams require proven legal solutions designed for today’s eDiscovery challenges.

Messaging Architects offers a superior end-to-end eDiscovery solution, powered by ZyLAB and IPRO. With an intuitive interface, AI-assisted document review, and exceptional security, this solution speeds early case assessment while ensuring defensibility.

Efficient, Defensible Data Collection

The majority of eDiscovery costs occur in initial data collection and review. By focusing on relevant data early, legal teams reduce the amount of data for final review. This results in significant savings of cost and time. But the team must ensure a defensible and compliant process, avoiding data spoliation and capturing all relevant data.

ZyLAB supports over 600 file formats, allowing the legal team to collect relevant data from virtually any source. Legal teams can connect directly to office suites to expedite the search for related documents. And with in-place search and review, the team conducts initial analysis prior to data collection. This reduces the amount of data for document review by up to 97 percent.

Additionally, ZyLAB ensures legal defensibility of the eDiscovery process with key features, including:

  • Automated legal holds – By automating legal holds and instantly preserving data in place, legal teams save valuable time on hold management. More importantly, automated holds help avoid data spoliation by preventing purposeful or inadvertent data tampering.
  • Automated redaction – To ensure compliance and protect personal information, the system simplifies the redaction process. Users can manually redact sensitive data or automate redaction using keywords or patterns.
  • Audit trails – Audit trails provide a constant record of all activity related to potentially relevant data. This includes everyone who accessed the data, when they accessed it, and what actions they took.

Legal Solutions

Expedited Document Processing and Review

After data has been collected, ZyLAB also facilitates information review and processing. To simplify the review process, the system can automatically remove duplicate information and identify near duplicates. It can also organize files by several criteria, from type and date to custodian.

Additionally, ZyLAB streamlines and secures the process of collaborating with both internal stakeholders and outside counsel. Customized tags highlight documents for further action. The team can also make assignments to other collaborators and add or review comments. Throughout, the legal team retains full control over document access.

AI-assisted review and advanced analytics allow reviewers to analyze practically any type of data, from traditional documents to video files. And by finding patterns in the data, the system delivers valuable insights.

Improved Early Data Assessment

By leveraging end-to-end eDiscovery technology, legal teams facilitate early data assessment (EDA). An essential element of early case assessment (ECA), EDA involves conducting a preliminary eDiscovery to review potentially relevant data and inform case strategy.

By taking advantage of advanced search capabilities and in-place review, the legal team can gain critical insights quickly. Efficient ECA not only saves precious time and cost, it also highlights potential obstacles and key issues that will drive next steps.

Legal Solutions

Best-in-Class Legal Solutions

Partnering with Messaging Architects consultants, law firms, government agencies and corporate legal teams gain access to best-in-class legal solutions. Combining information governance best practices with eDiscovery technology simplifies not only litigation, but also public records requests and internal investigations.

By utilizing platforms like ZyLAB, organizations benefit from scalability, as well as the flexibility to deploy either in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid model. Exceptional security ensures that sensitive information stays secure and compliant. And with an intuitive interface and support from Messaging Architects, users navigate seamlessly through the eDiscovery process.

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