Organizations in every industry deal with a growing data dilemma. Big data promises big returns, but data must be high quality, organized and secure to deliver value. eGovernance® provides scalable, cloud-based secure information governance solutions tailored to support business strategy and work within organizational budgets.

Managed by the information governance experts at Messaging Architects, eGovernance® empowers businesses to take control of their data with a hosted solution for electronic data discovery, security, and compliance.

Benefits of a Robust, Secure Information Governance Strategy

Data breach spells disaster, and mismanaged information becomes a liability in an age ruled by privacy regulation. Enter information governance. When companies know where their data resides and who owns it, they begin to unlock its potential. Add comprehensive data security, categorization and management throughout the data lifecycle, and innovation blossoms.

In addition to sparking innovation, information governance solutions deliver a host of business benefits, including:

  • Reduced eDiscovery costs
  • Reduction of overhead and liabilities caused by obsolete information
  • Reduced risk of a data breach and mishandling of sensitive data
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Increased productivity when employees can easily find needed data, rather than creating repetitive or conflicting information
  • Less clutter, resulting in faster access to essential business information
  • Support for emerging technologies in business intelligence

Secure Information Governance

Data and Records Management

Data and records management involves identifying, organizing, and cleaning up data to obtain maximum benefit.  Organizations require solutions for the entire data lifecycle, beginning with a comprehensive data audit and including various key processes, policies, and procedures.

For instance, data tagging ensures that strategic business information is organized into appropriate categories for eDiscovery. This allows users to quickly and accurately search millions of emails and files to find needed information.

On the other hand, search engines which provide less than stellar performance, inconsistent results or are difficult to use can lengthen the eDiscovery process.

With data properly organized, regulatory compliance becomes much easier. Data managers can implement retention policies to automate deletion and archival of obsolete or redundant information. Additionally, sensitive data can be identified to prohibit unauthorized access or sharing.

Elegantly Simple eDiscovery

eDiscovery with eGovernance® simplifies the discovery process with a hosted data indexing and discovery platform. This reduces overhead and improves the efficiency of requests across disparate systems.

The legal team can create and track discovery cases, search, and export content without involving IT. Further, complex searches take just seconds, and documents can be classified with searchable tags and comments.

Proactive Data Security

The perfect storm of cloud migration, a steady increase in cyber-attacks and a disappearing security perimeter have left data more vulnerable than ever. Consequently, data security forms an indispensable and increasingly complex piece of an overall information governance strategy.

The experienced consultants at Messaging Architects have participated in the evolution from closed data storage systems to cloud-based systems. They will analyze and identify potential risks, then help tailor cybersecurity strategies to match business goals. A variety of security services include email encryption, dark web scanning, firewall deployment and more.

Secure Information Governance

Versatile Compliance Management

Regulatory compliance has become a fact of business life, as inevitable as taxes. Compliance with eGovernance® delivers visibility into all data, both on-premises and in the cloud, through a single console. Compliance teams can quarantine suspected sensitive or dangerous content pending review, then destroy, quarantine, or return data to its original location as appropriate.

In addition, eGovernance® monitoring tools allow compliance/security teams to tackle all regulations simultaneously, including HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, PCI-DSS and more. Reporting options provide proof of policy and regulatory compliance. Further, the monitoring and compliance tools allow organizations to conduct internal investigations with no outsourcing.

Jumpstart Secure Information Governance with eGovernance® Cloud Solutions

Successful businesses strive to increase data security and compliance while tapping into the benefits of big data to drive innovation. eGovernance® provides the tools to do that. With cloud-based archiving and eDiscovery solutions, comprehensive data security and compliance monitoring, organizations customize a package to meet their requirements.

Contact us today to explore affordable solutions beginning at just $2.50 per user per month.

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Keep your data secure and compliant

eGovernance is a Cloud based solution for preserving, discovering and accessing digital data within your email and document storage systems for compliance, audit, security, eDiscovery and warehousing of critical or older data.