Outlook offers a rich selection of features to help individuals and teams communicate and collaborate more efficiently. And Microsoft extends those benefits by partnering with other leading companies to enable users to tailor email to fit their work style. Make your email work for you with some of these powerful add-ins for Outlook.

Several of the following add-ins are available at no cost. Others offer a free version, as well as the option to purchase a paid plan with additional features. Take the free version for a spin first.

Collaborate with Ease

Outlook already operates seamlessly with OneDrive for document sharing. However, you may need to collaborate with colleagues who use other programs. Add-ins for DocSend and Dropbox allow you to securely share large files instead of attaching them. DocSend even provides page-by-page analytics of actions users take with the documents.

With remote work taking center stage, distances disappear, and teams can include members from across the world. Ease communication difficulties with the free Translator add-in. This add-in uses the Microsoft Translator service. Microsoft secures the data transmissions via SSL and never stores the data or shares the data.

Add-ins for Outlook

Add-ins for Outlook to Work More Efficiently

A crowded inbox can make it difficult to find critical information. The Evernote and Sorc’d add-ins help you manage the information within emails. With Evernote, users can clip various email messages and attachments into the notetaking app for quick retrieval and easy sharing. Likewise, Sorc’d allows users to snip research from anywhere to easily store and share in email.

Additionally, consider Boomerang to add even more options for scheduling and following up on emails. While Outlook already provides the ability to schedule emails, Boomerang includes extra features for tracking responses.

Finally, thousands of companies use DocuSign to ease the process of securely and legally signing documents. The add-in lets you and your customers complete the process without leaving email. And you can save copies of signed documents automatically to your OneDrive account.

Manage Projects and Tasks Directly from Email

Every team has its preferred project management application. Outlook makes it easy to create and manage tasks with add-ins for Trello and MeisterTask. Create tasks without leaving your inbox, adding due dates and descriptions and sending the task directly to the right project and section.

Additionally, the Tasks in a Box add-in streamlines the task process with task templates, automatic due date calculation and the ability to sync with SharePoint task lists. Notifications and activity feeds help you stay on top of important tasks.

Add-ins for Outlook

Improve Email Security

Several add-ins deliver peace of mind with increased security. For instance, Trustifi for Outlook includes encryption and tracking, as well as certified proof of delivery. And Mr. Post – Email Inspector uses threat intelligence and AI technology to add another layer of security against phishing.

Tap Into the Power and Flexibility of Add-ins for Outlook

Outlook makes exploring and installing add-ins a breeze. Simply click Get Add-ins on the ribbon. Then use the Search bar to browse available add-ins. In addition to those described above, Outlook also connects with Salesforce CRM, Priority Matrix, Zoom and other popular programs.

Microsoft continually expands its product offerings in an ongoing commitment to deliver powerful tools to increase productivity and collaboration. And the Microsoft experts at Messaging Architects can help you use Outlook to its best advantage.

Our consultants can help you improve cybersecurity and ensure regulatory compliance. For example, they offer cloud-based, enterprise-class email security, continuity, and archiving designed specifically for SMEs. They will also assist you with configuring your corporate email system for optimal efficiency, taking advantage of powerful features you may not have discovered.

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