Ensuring Success After a Cloud Migration: Your Guide to a Long-term Plan

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Cloud migration marks a significant step for any organization looking to improve efficiency, scalability, and innovation. However, the journey does not end at “go live.” Post-migration challenges can hinder progress. Consider these important tips for life after a cloud migration: your guide to a long-term plan. Transitioning to the cloud makes good business sense. For instance, moving to Microsoft 365 and a Teams environment turbo-charges collaboration. And the cloud delivers essential flexibility and scalability to quickly accommodate fluctuations in demand. However, the cloud involves a completely new operating environment, with significant changes for both end users and IT personnel. Cloud

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How Does Cloud Migration Impact Data Center Infrastructure?  

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The digital landscape constantly evolves, and for many businesses, that involves reimagining their data center. Cloud migration, the process of moving data and applications to a cloud computing environment, offers greater agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. But how does cloud migration impact data center infrastructure? Scaling On Demand In addition to accessibility, scalability represents one of the main drivers for businesses migrating to the cloud. On-premises data centers can struggle to adapt to fluctuating workloads. On the other hand, the cloud delivers the ability to easily scale resources up or down on demand. Need to handle a surge in website traffic,

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eGovernance Cloud Delivers Connected, Scalable and Secure Archiving

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Legacy archiving systems approaching end-of-life or that no longer provide modern functionality challenge many organizations. Eventually, the drawbacks of a legacy archiving solution will overshadow the benefits to the business. A modern solution, eGovernance Cloud from Messaging Architects, offers connected, scalable, cost efficient and secure archiving. Connected Working from the cloud allows connected users to work anytime from anywhere. With more and more staff working remotely, easy access to the tools and information needed for individuals and organizations to perform their assigned roles becomes critical. The Cloud removes the pain arising from lack of access and inadequate distribution by allowing

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3 new cloud based business apps

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cloud based business applications In this post we will be discussing about 3 new cloud based business applications The cloud.cloud-based Yes, we get it. After years of hearing “cloud, cloud, cloud” from our IT consultants and tech geeks it’s sinking in. We see that cloud-based applications perform well. They’re secure. They’re easy to access. They can be updated faster and supported better by the software developers that make them. The cloud is for real and we’re just getting started. Tomorrow’s cloud-based resources – from Microsoft Office 365 to SQL Server – will connect inanimate objects together, automatically perform tasks and

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8 Reasons GroupWise Users Move to the Cloud

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Over three decades, GroupWise developed a loyal customer base. However, in recent years, many GroupWise customers have opted to move to the cloud. In addition to the full-featured email and calendaring they have come to expect, enterprises gain enhanced collaboration while reducing the burden on overworked IT staff. Explore a few of the advantages of migrating from GroupWise to a cloud solution such as Office 365 for business. 1. Always Up to Date The average enterprise IT staff maintains dozens of software applications, in addition to managing networks and servers. Keeping all that software and hardware up to date can be

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