For businesses drowning in data, SharePoint Premium offers a lifeline. For instance, envision managing thousands of client contracts, each with many orders and invoices, varying expiration dates and needs. Premium makes the chaos manageable by delivering timely alerts, extracting actionable insights, and automating follow up.

Uniting the AI-driven capabilities of Microsoft Syntex with the unparalleled document management features in SharePoint, Premium helps businesses unlock data value. With SharePoint original, users create compelling content and collaborate easily across the Microsoft 365 environment. Premium takes that several steps further.

SharePoint Premium adds advanced AI capabilities to govern and secure critical data assets at scale and automate time-consuming tasks. Using AI models, Premium quickly and efficiently extracts key information, effectively finding the needle in the haystack. It also offers improved security features and acts as a key enabler to prepare content for Copilot.

Tackle Sticky Data Governance and Security Problems

The abundance of data has the power to drive decision making and innovation. But it also creates risk. SharePoint makes it easy to share data, sometimes too easy. Information can quickly become buried in document libraries, rendered unusable. Sensitive data requires extra protection, no matter where it travels. And complex regulations govern data lifecycle.

With SharePoint Premium, content owners gain enhanced ability to manage data from creation to end of life using simple yet powerful tools. For example, the Data Access Governance (DAG) report provides insights regarding overshared files. And AI-driven policy recommendations help security and compliance personnel stay on top of sensitive or regulated information.


Take Collaboration to the Next Level

Microsoft 365 helped users imagine the possibilities of collaboration. SharePoint Premium makes that vision a reality. Collaborators have come to depend on the ability to add comments, ink, and tasks directly in shared Office documents. Now, with the Premium’s integrated file viewer, that capability extends to more than 400 file types.

Premium also adds a document portal to allow users to collaborate securely and smoothly with external colleagues such as vendors or freelancers. And AI features automate business workflows such as invoices and SOWs, ensuring greater security and efficiency. For instance, the new SharePoint eSignature enables document signing from within SharePoint.

Translation, Auto-Redaction and Data Tagging Capabilities

Because business needs differ widely from one organization to another, SharePoint Premium offers a menu of new pay-as-you-go services. Examples include language translation for files and video transcripts, as well as auto redaction of sensitive data across all files in SharePoint.

Premium also simplifies the processes of tagging and locating key data in vast libraries of document using pre-defined AI machine teaching models. When published to a document library, the model automates extraction of metadata. In this way organizations retain critical business knowledge that otherwise disappears off the radar.

Unlock the Power of Copilot and AI

Microsoft continues to demonstrate its commitment to implementing AI-driven Copilot across the Microsoft 365 universe. While Copilot does not require organizations to invest in SharePoint Premium, Premium enables the data hygiene necessary to ensure optimum Copilot performance.

Powered by AI and machine learning, Copilot depends on high quality data to deliver dependable, accurate, and relevant results. For example, Copilot can pull key information from documents and images to generate insights and reports. But the usefulness of those insights depends on carefully curated metadata and data tags.


Taking the Next Step with SharePoint Premium

Many features of SharePoint Premium are available now. For instance, organizations can access content processing services like eSignature and content assembly on a pay-as-you-go basis with most Microsoft 365 plans. In 2024, services that now fall under the Syntex brand will begin migrating to the SharePoint Premium brand, with pricing to be announced.

Upgrading to SharePoint Premium may not make sense for everyone. Organizations should consider the size and complexity of their business, as well as the nature and volume of their data. They should also evaluate the amount of automation necessary and how much they want SharePoint to integrate with other apps and services.

Making those decisions and getting the most out of the powerful, yet complex, capabilities of SharePoint Premium require careful planning. The Microsoft experts at Messaging Architects can help.

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