Work Faster with Email Dictation in Outlook

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Outlook has included dictation capabilities for some time, and users love that it makes emailing faster and more natural. This past summer, Microsoft announced new voice commands that take email dictation in Outlook to the next level. Check out these new commands, along with a review of some favorite Outlook dictation features you may have yet to discover. Accessing Email Dictation in Outlook Features First, a quick review of the basics. To access the dictation features, create a new email or reply to an existing email. Then click the Dictate button (with the microphone icon) on the Message tab. Start

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Email Etiquette and Guidelines to Survive and Prosper

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Email etiquette tips from Greg Smith Most organizations provide their employees with a corporate email address and email services. Email is pervasive across the organization. And, because it bears the name of the company, it can bring risk if improperly used. Thus, proper email etiquette should be taught and practiced. The words Email and Communication are not always synonymous. Just like language, email is a communication tool as well as a conveyance for other types of information. Communication is sometimes a precarious thing and miscommunication a great source of friction and potential mistakes. While it is impossible to train individuals

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Four Email Management Best Practices for Organizations

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Email Management Best Practices from Ross Phillips By the time email celebrated its thirtieth birthday in 2001, it had become a staple of business communication across the world. Office workers currently send or receive an average of over 120 emails each day. Implementing email management best practices can help to increase productivity, reduce storage and bandwidth demands and improve data security. Despite the growth of group chats and various conferencing options, email continues to dominate daily business communication. Email allows users to easily contact both individuals and groups, share files and schedule meetings, bridging distances in a matter of seconds.

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